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13 Essential Google Chrome Extensions for New Businesses

As a new business owner, you will need all the necessary resources to run and grow your new business. Google Chrome is the most popular and trusted browser in the world, therefore you have to ensure you are using it to its peak.

Google Chrome provides you with a variety of extensions, some of which are useful and essential for a new business.

The essential extensions help to ensure a smooth running of operations and provide you with great tools to make your business thrive. They also minimize or eliminate distractions whilst working and help increase productivity.

Here are 13 essential Google Chrome extensions for a new business.

1. Todoist

One of the proven ways to increase productivity is writing a to-do list and Todoist makes the process of doing so easier. It helps you create an organized and visualized list of your work tasks on your device. 

Todoist also allows you to easily collaborate with your team members.

You can view your team’s shared list for a project making teamwork highly achievable.

Todoist will ensure you keep track of work deadlines and plan your day productively.

With this extension, you can carry out your work projects with ease and stay up to date with the tasks required ahead. Plus, you don’t need a separate tab to access or modify it, it looks at you right on your screen.

2. Grammarly

The Grammarly Chrome extension serves as your virtual editor that will instantly point out your grammatical errors when writing. 

The extension works across all sites, instead of having to copy a large body of text and paste it on the tool for edits.

Grammarly will not only ensure your business content is void of spelling mistakes, it further helps with your content’s tone, clarity, and wording of sentences for better delivery.

It also has an accurate and trusted plagiarism checker to make your content free of plagiarism.

3. Awesome Screenshot

For future references or visual explanations, taking screenshots is vital for content creation. Therefore, the Awesome Screenshot Chrome extension is a great business tool for screen captures and recording.

You can also make annotations, blur certain areas, highlight texts, and make other necessary edits for your images without abandoning your browser.

It has a two-tab popup menu that allows you to switch between screen recording and screen capture easily.

Awesome Screenshot is the complete package for your screen recording and editing needs, with different features to give you optimal results.

4. Reply

Reply is an essential Google Chrome extension that enables you to easily engage and reach out to your leads on LinkedIn.

You can search for new leads, verify or find their email address, and then engage them with your automated outreach campaigns.

Also, you can successfully sync your data on the Reply Chrome extension to your CRM automatically.

Reply allows you to make direct cloud calls and engage with leads through a multi-channel outreach.

This is a great tool for your sales, marketing, and HR departments, as it helps them keep tabs on their prospects.

5. MozBar

MozBar Chrome extension helps you with your SEO research needs on the go. It gives you Insights into SERPs or a particular website insight like its page and domain authority.

You get instant access to a page or site metrics on your web browser. Also, MozBar allows you to compare link metrics across pages and highlight keywords on a page

You can further differentiate links by type and expose page elements etc.

The thing is, you can do a lot of SEO findings with MozBar at your disposal.

6. Bitly

Bitly allows you to easily create short, customized, recognizable, and shareable links from any page for better traffic from socials.

With Bitly, you get to scrap generic links and instead make them branded. This helps you achieve personalization in your marketing efforts.

7. Avast

Avast Online Security protects you from visiting websites that they detect to be unsafe or have a bad reputation from their over 400 million community.

It calls itself the “web reputation plugin.” You can browse with no worries about your data being at risk. 

This Chrome extension Identifies and blocks phishing sites. It also allows you to easily check the rating of any website and rate websites a thumbs up or down to protect future users.

8. Ghostery

Ghostery is a privacy extension that blocks ads to allow you to have a seamless browsing experience.

This Chrome extension eliminates all sorts of distractions to let you focus on your desired content.

It anonymizes your data to prevent ad-tracking tools from collecting your data.

Ghostery presents you with relevant information through its various displays and insights dashboards.

It further increases page load speeds and automatically blocks and unblocks trackers to optimize website or page performance.

9. OneTab

Working on your browser means opening and operating across multiple tabs, which can be overwhelming.

You need to be able to keep track of tabs for future reference.

OneTab allows you to put the URLs of different tabs into one tab for easy navigation and reference. 

It converts all your tabs into one list; a One Tab list that makes your browser look clean.

10. HashTest

HashTest Chrome extension helps you test the quality of the hashtags you intend to use for your social media marketing campaign in real-time.

It finds the best hashtags that have proven to perform well for your posts to go viral.

HashTest allows you to discover popular hashtags by their scores as you type on your browser to help increase your social media reach.

11. LastPass

LastPass Chrome extension is a password manager that allows you to create, manage, track and secure your passwords.

Therefore, when you are on your browser visiting a site it auto-fills your saved data without sacrificing security.

LastPass has a built-in password generator that creates long randomized untraceable passwords that prevent hacking.

It also has a dark web monitoring feature that alerts you if your personal information is at risk.

12. Kami 

Kami is a PDF and document markup extension that allows you to make necessary edits and changes to your document.

It grants you the ability to annotate and transform documents with options to highlight texts, draw, add comments, edit, etc.

Although Kami is geared toward students, it proves very useful in the business environment too. 

It can further serve as a collaborative tool amongst team members with its various interactive options.

13. Care for Eyes

Care for Your Eyes is a Chrome extension that ensures digital well-being. Staring at the blue screen all day can take a toll on your eyes and affect your sleeping habits.

As a business owner, you are likely to work all through to night time, and staring at the computer’s white screen can negatively impact you.

So instead of looking at the glaring bright screen, Care Your Eyes automatically goes into night mode to protect you from its intensity.

You can customize the BG color to suit your preferences.


The aforementioned Google Chrome extensions are essential to install for your new business to carry out web operations smoothly.

They all have distinct and important functions like increasing productivity, security, lead generation, social media marketing, content sourcing, etc.

Therefore, installing these extensions will improve your overall browsing experience and boost your productivity.

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