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15 Best Business Directories to Register Your New Startup

After launching your new startup, how do you get the word out? How can you ensure that consumers easily find your business on the web?

If you don’t get your new startup in line for exposure on the internet, it is practically invisible.

Today’s marketing strategies for startups take different forms and one of them is to register with a business directory.

Credible business directories can help your startup get recognized by the right people, and help consumers find their way to your products and services.

What is a Business Directory?

Business directories are a virtual market for businesses to be seen and promoted. 

They are a valuable resource of legitimate businesses for web searchers or consumers. Also, to earn user traction and visibility, business directories can help you get started early.

However, it is recommended to not simply submit to any business directory on the web, because some can negatively affect your website.

How Do Startup Directories Function?

Business directories get submissions from startups and they evaluate them for approval to get published on their site.

So when their audience is looking to discover startups, they pop up a list of startups to satisfy a searcher’s demand.

Additionally, they provide important contact points to your startup for potential customers, most especially your business website. Business directories help drive valuable traffic to your website which is important for all startups. 

However, there are a lot of directories available. How do you filter the credible ones from the spammy ones? 

Here’s a carefully curated list of the best business directories for your startup.

1. Crunchbase

Crunchbase takes the top spot for leading and most impactful business directories. They provide in-depth business information on all sorts of companies.

This directory not only showcases the businesses but also the people behind them.

They make a lot of startups easily discoverable and provide insights that you will find valuable.

2. Product Hunt

If you have just launched your new startup product, the best business directory to showcase that product is Product Hunt.

Product Hunt reveals new products from businesses every day. It has gained popularity amongst product enthusiasts.

Additionally, it has a voting system that can quickly skyrocket your product in its ranks and give it a positive rep. It has a wide reach with over 90k subscribers and outstanding testimonials.

3. AngelList

Although AngelList is widely known for raising funds for startups, it is also one of the most authoritative directories for showcasing startups. 

It is a popular platform amongst those who search for companies. It also boasts a network of investors, founders, and professionals that will be valuable to your startup.

4. Killer Startups

Killer Startups is a directory of credible sites on the web; they feature a lot of startups with over 600,000 startups.

They also have a history of ranking well on web pages, making new startups easily accessible. Furthermore, they grant reviews for startups to enable the public to know more about your services.

5. Reddit R/Startups

This is a startup-oriented platform where you can share your startup with a community of over 730k members.

Reddit R/Startups community gives you feedback and also runs a monthly contest named “Share your Startup”. You get to pitch your startup to the community, giving you exposure due to its wide reach.

6. Startup Wizz

Startup Wizz is on a mission to discover the most disruptive and interesting startups to make their information available to their peers and investors.

All you have to do is simply fill out a straightforward form on their website describing your startup in 500 words for free.

If you desire a speedy review you can pay for it.

7. The Startup Pitch

The Startup Pitch is a great startup directory that enables you to put yourself out there in your own words.

The platform provides you with a bunch of questions and the answers are converted into a pitch.

Furthermore, they offer the option of beta pitches for startups that are not yet live but are building their customer list.

8. Launching Next

Launching Next is a perfect business directory for the newest startups or ones to be launched soon.

This platform includes your startup on the list of startups to watch out for and it updates its audience daily.

They have featured over 26k startups in their directory.  You can submit your startup for free or pay $49 for early publication.


This platform helps people to discover tech companies and track business data using their intelligence tools.

Index allows you to easily create your startup profile for free, track your competition, and apply for beneficial programs.

10. Reddit Side Projects

This is a branch of the popular Reddit site; it is more focused on startups to create conversations and discussions surrounding your new products or services.

Reddit Side Projects grant you the opportunity to bring traction to your startup projects or business ideas.

This subreddit has grown with over 74k members, which means a bigger chance at solid exposure for your startup.

11. Google my Business

Everyone looks things up on Google so it’s a requirement to have your new startup’s details in the Google My Business directory.

Google My Business allows you to have a valuable space on the right side of Google search results. It showcases your startup’s “about” details when someone searches for your company on Google.

Additionally, this business directory gives you the advantage of local SEO as your startup gets to appear on Google Maps.

12. Geekwire

Geekwire is a widely recognized national technology news site for tech-savvy readers enthusiastic about getting updated insight into the tech world.

They have a directory for tech startups based in the Pacific Northwest called “Geekwire Startup List“.

You can submit your startup information to be part of the list and also get the opportunity to be featured in their monthly Geekwire 200 startup ranking available to their audience.


Eu-startups is a platform focused on startups in Europe. They provide the latest news and data-driven analysis on tech startups to over 300k startup enthusiasts.

They also have a startup database that helps users find startups from all around the world. 

You can submit your startup on their website to be part of their database.

14. Startup Ranking

Startup ranking is a business directory that features startups in the category of ranks and scores on their site.

This startup directory rank is based on the SR (Startup Ranking) scores representing a startup’s importance and influence on the internet.

Therefore, the higher the rank, the greater the attention plus visits a startup receives and vice versa.

When you submit your startup, it takes 79 days for approval, however, you can pay $99 for a 24-hour approval.

15. Startup 88

Startup 88 is a business directory that features early-stage startups, often pre-revenue or launch. They also share your new Kickstarter Project, Cloud, Mobile App, or Hardware story with their investors and readers.

The platform showcases your startup in a feature article and their “Startup88 Deal Flow Newsletter.”


Submitting your startup to business directories is a great place to start marketing your new startup to the world.

Finally, don’t underestimate its importance to the growth of your new startup, because they don’t just list your startup but also provide you with a community.

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